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      We are Realty Gold. We are the going to be #1 Realty company. Why Real Estate franchisees pay numerous thousands of Dollars to the Franchisers, while they can pay only $60.97 per month, ((or pay $500.00 yearly and save more than 46%)) to use the best name, REALTY-GOLD. Become a Franchisee with Realty Gold and save a lot. This low price-offer is for very limited time.

      Along with Real Estate Brokers and/or owners, we together are going to be over a Million Franchisees. Later, you may be able to sell your Franchised Office for, very high value. So contact us for details.

      Phone: 1-323-465-5000
      Phone: 1-DAD-GOLD-GOLD
      Phone: (1-323-465-3465)
      Phone: 1-866-GOLD-GOLD
      Email: info@Realty-Gold.Org



      For Example:

      Some Real Estate Franchiser(s) charge(s) in the following manner:

      Investment: varying up to $522,500.00.
      Initial Franchise Fee: $25,000.00.
      Royalty Fee: 6% of commission received.
      Advertising Fee: 2% of commission received.
      Term of Agreement: 10 years.

      If an office makes 2 Million Dollars in commissions in an year, they have to pay $160,000.00 (8% of $2,000,000) to the "SUBJECT" FRANCHISER(S), that year.

      But the above office has to pay to REALTY-GOLD only $60.97 per month or pay $500.00 yearly and save more than 46% of fees. (i.e. almost $159,000.00 savings, for the year). No matter, even if the above office received numerous Millions of Dollars in commissions.

      Questions & Answers

      Question: What can I do if I am a Franchisee already with another Franchiser?

      Answer: I am not a lawyer. So I am not giving you any legal advise. But if I am a franchisee, I will do the below given choice #1 and/or choice #2.

      Choice #1: I will become a Franchisee with REALTY GOLD & will sell my present franchise.

      Choice #2: I will start another business becoming a Franchisee with REALTY GOLD and eventually sell the old Franchise or will not renew for a new term for my present franchise.
      If you prefer, you can use "Realty-Gold" name as DBA, with your present company name, after approval.



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